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Call for Paper- International Transaction on Power and Energy Systems Free Publication GoogleScholar

Call for Paper- International Transaction on Power and Energy Systems Free Publication GoogleScholar

Aim & Scope

The ITPES scope focuses on conventional and non-conventional generation , transmission, distribution and utilisation of electrical power, from the perspective of individual elements of the power system and their incorporation, interaction and technological advancement. The scope covers the modelling, design, performance analysis and implementation of power system elements in specific aspects typical of modern electrical power and energy systems of different sizes and complexities. Research focused on new technologies changing power systems and determining their performance and operation is of particular interest. The following list of topics is not intended to be exhaustive, but rather to indicate topics that fall within the journal purview:

​Power Systems​

  • Power system smart metering.

  • Power system protection.

  • Power quality.

  • Power system dynamic performance (system stability analysis and controls).

  • Power System Operations, Planning & Economics.

  • Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS).

  • DC and AC traction distribution systems for railways.

  • Nanogrids, AC Microgrids, DC Microgrids, Autonomous, islanded and remote networks.

  • Advanced modelling of power system components.

  • Transient processes in power systems.

  • Simulation of power systems transients.

  • Harmonics and power quality; solution methods, algorithms and parameter identification.

  • Future Power distributions systems in ships and aircrafts.

  • New concepts of robust, secure, reliable, self-healing and resilient power systems.

  • Optimization algorithm, AI, ML and DL for power system integration and control.

Energy Systems

  • Renewable Energy Technologies.

  • Energy conversion and Electric machines.

  • Energy Efficient Electrical motor drives and their control.

  • Energy storage technologies and system operation and planning.

  • Technologies to enhance flexibility in future energy systems.

  • Design of modern Energy Management Systems (EMS).

  • Design of modern Distribution Management Systems (DMS).

  • Power electronics for Renewable Energy Systems.

  • Power converter/ inverter and their control.

  • Energy Efficient Switched mode power supply.

  • Simulation of transients in power electronics.

  • Electric vehicles and charging networks.

  • Distributed energy storage systems and DER (Distributed Energy Resources).

  • Optimization algorithm, AI, ML and DL for Energy system integration and control.

ITPES publishes original research papers and selected review articles by invitation and/or approval of the Editor-in-Chief. ITPES encourages publication of themed special issues. Proposals for review articles and special issues are welcome for consideration by the Editor-in-Chief.

Mission statement

The International Transaction of Power and Energy Systems is an international journal dedicated to the dissemination of the latest technology and theoretical research in the field of electricity and energy systems, which aims to inspire interdisciplinary research across academia and industry and contribute to the prosperity of modern societies.

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