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Design of PID Speed Controller for BLDC MOTOR in MATLAB

Design of PID Speed Controller for BLDC MOTOR in MATLAB

Designing a PID speed controller for a Brushless DC (BLDC) motor can be complicated due to the non-linear dynamics of the motor and its control system. However, simulation tools such as MATLAB simplify the process by providing a visual interface to work with, allowing engineers to modify parameters quickly and easily in order to optimize performance. The design begins with assigning the desired speed of operation which is then embedded into the code. Secondly, tuning of PID gains through simulation with MATLAB must take place in order to provide desired stability for different setpoints. One of the main advantages of using MATLAB for this process is its ability to integrate advanced programming techniques that enable powerful parameter estimation functionality along with graphical analysis techniques which allow engineers to accurately analyze results from their simulations in order better understand any found discrepancies.

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