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Economic Load dispatch using PSO in MATLAB

Economic Load dispatch using PSO in MATLAB


Hello, viewers! Today, we'll explore the concept of Economic Load Dispatch (ELD) and how Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) can be applied to efficiently allocate power generation among multiple generators. ELD aims to minimize the fuel cost of power plants while meeting the required load demand. Let's delve into the details of this process.

Economic Load Dispatch:

Economic Load Dispatch involves determining the optimal power generation distribution among generators to minimize the overall fuel cost. In this scenario, we'll focus on a system with six generators. The goal is to find the most cost-effective configuration to meet a load demand of 1350 megawatts.

Particle Swarm Optimization:

Particle Swarm Optimization is a heuristic optimization algorithm inspired by the social behavior of birds and fish. In the context of ELD, PSO is used to find the optimal power generation configuration that minimizes the fuel cost. PSO iteratively refines its solution by simulating the movement of particles in a multidimensional search space.



  • The dataset includes information about the six generators, such as maximum power output and loss coefficients.

Objective Function:

  • The objective function is designed to calculate the fuel cost and ensure power balance.

  • The fuel cost is minimized while considering the power generation constraints.

Particle Swarm Optimization:

  • PSO is employed with a population size of 100 and 10,000 iterations.

  • The algorithm explores the search space to find the optimal power generation for each generator.


After the completion of the PSO iterations, the optimal power generation values for the six generators are obtained. These values are:

  • Generator 1: 446.4 MW

  • Generator 2: 200 MW

  • Generator 3: 289.11 MW

  • Generator 4: 145.16 MW

  • Generator 5: 173.41 MW

  • Generator 6: 100.1 MW

Additionally, the power loss in the system is calculated to be 14.28 MW. The overall optimal objective function value (fuel cost) is 1.658.


The application of Particle Swarm Optimization in Economic Load Dispatch proves to be effective in determining the optimal power generation configuration for minimizing fuel costs. This intelligent optimization approach ensures that power plants operate efficiently while meeting the load demand.

Future Considerations:

Future research could explore the adaptability of PSO in various power system scenarios and analyze its performance under different constraints and conditions.

Thank you for joining us in exploring the utilization of Particle Swarm Optimization for Economic Load Dispatch. Feel free to subscribe for more insightful content. Until next time, farewell!

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