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Fuel Cells with Battery Storage System in MATLAB

Fuel Cells with Battery Storage System in MATLAB

System Components:

The simulated system comprises a fuel cell stack, a battery storage system, and a DC bus. Additionally, a boost converter is employed to regulate the voltage levels within the microgrid. The boost converter is controlled using a Perturb and Observe (P&O) MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) algorithm for the fuel cell and a voltage control method for the battery system.

Model Overview: The fuel cell stack is designed to operate at a nominal voltage of 24 volts, generating a maximum power output of 2000 Watts. The battery system, on the other hand, consists of a 24-volt battery with a rated capacity of 100 Ah. The boost converter is tasked with maintaining the DC bus voltage at 48 volts, ensuring compatibility with the connected loads.

MPPT for Fuel Cell: The Perturb and Observe (P&O) MPPT algorithm is utilized to extract maximum power from the fuel cell stack. This algorithm adjusts the duty cycle of the boost converter based on variations in fuel and air pressure, thereby optimizing power output from the fuel cell.

Battery Control Strategy: The battery storage system is controlled using a voltage control method to maintain the DC bus voltage at 48 volts. The bidirectional converter facilitates charging and discharging of the battery, ensuring energy balance within the microgrid.

Simulation Results: During simulation, the system responds to changes in fuel and air pressure, showcasing dynamic power management capabilities. When the pressure of fuel and air decreases, resulting in reduced power output from the fuel cell, the battery system seamlessly supplements the power supply to maintain stability within the microgrid. The coordinated control strategies ensure uninterrupted power delivery to the connected loads while optimizing energy utilization.

Conclusion: Through this simulation, we demonstrate the effectiveness of integrating a fuel cell with a battery storage system in a DC microgrid environment. The coordinated control strategies enable efficient power management and ensure reliability in power supply, even under varying operating conditions.

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