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Fuzzy Logic Control of V2G and G2V in Single-Phase Grid

Fuzzy Logic Control of V2G and G2V in Single Phase Grid

Welcome to LMS Solution! In today's discussion, we'll delve into the intricacies of vehicle decryption and crypto vehicles operating within a single-phase grid. The control mechanism behind this system relies on a fuzzy logic system, offering flexibility and adaptability. Let's explore the assembled model designed for testing vehicle-to-grid and crypto-vehicle concepts with fuzzy logic control.

System Components:

  1. Single-Phase Grid: Operates at a frequency of 50 Hz.

  2. Converter: A bi-directional converter capable of converting AC to DC based on battery conditions.

  3. Diesel Capacitor: Connected between the converter and the bidirectional converter.

  4. Battery: A lithium-ion battery with a nominal voltage of 120 volts and a capacity of 48 ph.

  5. Fuzzy Logic Controller: Controls the battery current based on reference current for vehicle-to-grid or crypto vehicle operation.

Fuzzy Logic Control:

  • Converter Controller: Regulates battery current based on fuzzy logic rules, comparing reference and actual current, and incorporating error rate.

  • Fuzzy Rule Base: Developed with 25 rules for efficient control.

  • Fuzzy Variables: Error and rate of change of error are considered with five membership functions each.

  • Output: Duty cycle for the converter.

Converter Control Logic:

  • Unity Power Factor Control: Maintains the source current sinusoidal and in phase with the voltage.

  • DC Link Voltage Control: Compares actual DC link voltage with a reference voltage of 380 volts.

  • Controller: Generates the current reference magnitude for the sinusoidal reference current.

  • PLL (Phase-Locked Loop): Processes grid voltage to generate phase angle for a sinusoidal waveform.

Simulation Results:

  1. Vehicle-to-Grid Concept:

  • The battery operates as a power source to the grid.

  • Source voltage and current have a 180-degree phase shift.

  • DC link voltage is maintained at 380 volts.

  • After 1 second, the reference current changes from 10 amps to -10 amps, transitioning to Crypto Vehicle mode.

  1. Crypto Vehicle Concept:

  • Battery charges as the grid supplies power.

  • Source voltage and current are in phase.

  • DC link voltage undergoes transient changes during the transition.

  • The system settles after 0.2 seconds to 380 volts.

Conclusion: This model demonstrates the functionality of a single-phase grid incorporating vehicle-to-grid and crypto-vehicle concepts with fuzzy logic control. The flexibility in operation allows seamless transitions between these modes, showcasing the adaptability of the proposed system. The simulation results validate the effectiveness of the control mechanisms employed in this innovative solution.

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