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Fuzzy MPPT for Solar PV Battery DC Microgrid System in MATLAB

Fuzzy MPPT for Solar PV Battery DC Microgrid System in MATLAB


In today's era of renewable energy, optimizing the efficiency of solar power systems is crucial for sustainable energy generation. One key aspect of enhancing solar power utilization is the implementation of Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) algorithms, which ensure that photovoltaic (PV) panels operate at their maximum power output under varying environmental conditions. In this blog post, we explore the application of a Fuzzy MPPT algorithm in a solar PV battery DC microgrid system, aiming to extract maximum power from the PV panels while maintaining stable operation of the microgrid.

Explanation: The solar PV battery DC microgrid system under consideration comprises several components:

  1. PV Panel: A 2000 Watts PV panel is the primary source of power generation in the system. The PV panel is connected to the DC bus through a boost converter, enabling efficient power transfer.

  2. Battery: A battery bank, rated at 48 volts, serves as an energy storage unit in the microgrid. The battery is connected to the DC bus via a boost converter, allowing bidirectional power flow between the PV panel and the battery.

  3. Fuzzy MPPT Algorithm: The Fuzzy MPPT algorithm is employed to maximize the power output of the PV panel. By continuously adjusting the duty cycle of the boost converter based on inputs such as PV voltage and current, the algorithm ensures that the PV panel operates at its maximum power point under varying irradiation and temperature conditions.

  4. Battery Management: The battery plays a crucial role in the microgrid's operation. During periods of excess power generation from the PV panel, the battery charges, storing energy for later use. Conversely, when the PV power is insufficient to meet the load demand, the battery discharges, supplying power to the load and maintaining system stability.

  5. Power Balance: A key aspect of microgrid operation is maintaining a balance between power generation and consumption. The Fuzzy MPPT algorithm and battery management system work together to achieve this balance, ensuring that the microgrid operates efficiently under different operating conditions.

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