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Fuzzy MPPT For Wind Energy Conversion System in MATLAB

Fuzzy MPPT For Wind Energy Conversion System in MATLAB

Greetings, viewers! Welcome back to LMS solution. In today's simulation model, we delve into the world of Wind Energy Conversion Systems (WECS) featuring Fuzzy Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT). The system comprises a wind turbine, permanent magnet synchronous generator (PMSG), rectifier, and boost converter, all orchestrated to optimize power extraction from the wind under varying conditions.

System Components:

  1. Wind Turbine: The system is equipped with a wind turbine designed to harness wind energy efficiently. The wind turbine output is characterized by wind speed, pitch angle, and rotor speed.

  2. Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator (PMSG): The generator receives wind turbine output and converts it into electrical power. The model includes feedback loops to control rotor speed and ensure optimal operation.

  3. Rectifier: The AC output from the generator is rectified to convert it into DC power, preparing it for further processing.

  4. Boost Converter: This critical component elevates the rectified voltage to meet the load requirements. The boost converter is precisely controlled using Fuzzy MPPT to extract maximum power from the wind turbine under changing wind conditions.

Fuzzy MPPT Control:

The Fuzzy MPPT algorithm involves measuring rectifier voltage and current as inputs. The algorithm calculates changes in power and voltage, feeding this information into a set of fuzzy rules. The rules govern the adjustment of the boost converter's duty cycle, ensuring optimal power extraction at all times.

Simulation and Results:

The simulation showcases the dynamic behavior of the WECS under different wind speed conditions. With a base wind speed of 12 meters per second, the system successfully extracts maximum power. The fuzzy MPPT algorithm adapts to changes in wind speed, adjusting the boost converter's duty cycle to maintain efficiency.

By altering wind speed conditions during the simulation, we observe fluctuations in generator voltage, current, and power output. The system effectively responds to changes in wind conditions, showcasing the robustness of the fuzzy MPPT control strategy.


The presented simulation offers a comprehensive insight into the operation of a Wind Energy Conversion System with Fuzzy MPPT. The synergy between the wind turbine, PMSG, rectifier, and boost converter ensures optimal power extraction, making it a promising approach for wind energy harnessing.

Thank you for joining us in exploring this simulation. Subscribe to our channel for more informative content, and feel free to leave comments or questions. Until next time, happy simulating!

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