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Fuzzy MPPT for Wind Energy Conversion System in MATLAB

Fuzzy MPPT for Wind Energy Conversion System in MATLAB

System Components:

The wind energy conversion system comprises a wind turbine, a permanent magnet synchronous generator (PMSG), a rectifier, and a boost converter. The goal is to harness maximum power from the wind turbine and convert it into usable electrical energy.

Model Overview: In our simulation, the wind turbine's output, initially in arbitrary units, is converted into per-unit values and fed into the PMSG model. Additionally, wind speed and turbulence inputs are provided to the wind turbine model to simulate real-world conditions.

MPPT with Fuzzy Control: The heart of the system lies in the implementation of MPPT using fuzzy logic. Fuzzy control enables the system to adjust the duty cycle of the boost converter dynamically, optimizing power extraction from the wind turbine under varying wind conditions.

Simulation Results: During simulation, we observe the system's response to changes in wind speed. At an initial wind speed of 12 meters per second, the wind turbine generates maximum power output, which is efficiently tracked and utilized by the MPPT algorithm. As wind speed decreases, the system dynamically adjusts the duty cycle to maintain optimal power extraction.

Conclusion: Through this simulation, we demonstrate the effectiveness of MPPT with fuzzy control in maximizing power extraction from wind energy systems. By dynamically adjusting the boost converter's duty cycle, the system ensures efficient energy conversion across a range of wind conditions.

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