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How to use a phase programmable voltage source in MATLAB

How to use a phase programmable voltage source in MATLAB

We'll explore how to employ a programmable three-phase voltage source in MATLAB for power system testing. This versatile tool allows us to generate custom voltage waveforms, making it valuable for various testing scenarios.


Drag and drop the three-phase programmable voltage source into the working area. Configure its parameters such as amplitude, phase, frequency, and time variation according to your testing requirements. This source provides the flexibility to simulate different voltage scenarios.

Connecting Measurement Blocks:

To observe the system's behavior, connect measurement blocks. In this example, we use the Three-Phase Voltage Measurement block. Configure it to measure line-to-line voltage, and connect the neutral terminal to ground. Additionally, include a load to measure current, as an open circuit won't display current readings.

Simulating the Model:

Simulate the model to observe the voltage waveforms and current responses. Use a scope window to visualize the results effectively. You can adjust the simulation time and other parameters to suit your testing needs.

Voltage Amplitude and Frequency Variation:

Demonstrate voltage amplitude and frequency variations by changing parameters over time. This is useful for testing how the system responds to different voltage conditions. You can create step changes or gradual variations to simulate real-world scenarios.

Introducing Harmonics:

Inject harmonics into the system by configuring the Harmonic block. Specify the harmonic order, amplitude, and time duration for which the harmonics are present. This feature enables testing the system's resilience to harmonic distortions.

Testing Scenarios:

The programmable voltage source proves invaluable for testing various scenarios, such as system response to voltage fluctuations, harmonics, and frequency deviations. It is particularly useful for simulating conditions like voltage sags, swells, and frequency disturbances.


The three-phase programmable voltage source in MATLAB's Simulink provides a powerful tool for testing and simulating diverse power system scenarios. Its flexibility allows researchers and engineers to assess system behavior under different conditions, aiding in the development and validation of power system models.

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