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How to use Phasor Measurement Unit in MATLAB

How to use Phasor Measurement Unit in MATLAB

In this MATLAB tutorial, the presenter demonstrates how to use the Phaser Measurement Unit (PMU) for electrical power system simulations.

The steps are outlined as follows:

  1. Open Simulink and navigate to the Simscape library.

  2. Go to the Power Systems section and select the specialized technology.

  3. Choose the Control & Measurement library and click on the Measurement block.

  4. Select the PMU block and connect it to the system.

  5. Create a power system setup by adding an electrical source and a three-phase RLC load.

  6. Connect the three-phase sources to the load and the measurement block.

  7. Configure the PMU details, such as line-to-line voltage and frequency.

  8. Add a scope to visualize the measurements, and configure it for three parameters.

  9. Simulate the model to observe voltage magnitude, phase angle, and frequency.

The presenter also demonstrates testing the model with different inputs, such as changing from voltage to current. The tutorial concludes with checking the system's response to a fault condition. A fault is introduced in the system, and the results show variations in current magnitude, phase angle, and frequency during the fault.

In summary, the PMU in MATLAB is shown to be capable of measuring voltage and current details before, during, and after fault conditions. The tutorial encourages users to apply these techniques in their MATLAB applications

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