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Hybrid PV Wind Diesel Generator grid system

Hybrid PV Wind Diesel Generator grid system


Welcome, viewers, to another insightful tutorial by LMS Solution! In today's session, we will explore a simulation model created for a Hybrid Solar PV, Wind, and Diesel Generator System using MATLAB. This comprehensive system integrates various renewable energy sources, providing an efficient and sustainable power solution.

System Overview:

The hybrid system comprises the following key components:

Main Grid:

  • Rated at 154 megawatts with a voltage rating of 34.5 kilovolts, connected to a step-down transformer.


  • A step-down transformer converts the voltage from 34.5 kilovolts to 400 kilovolts for further distribution.

PV Panel Array:

  • A 41-kilowatt PV system connected to an inverter with MPPT control.

Wind Turbine:

  • Equipped with a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator (PMNG) and a control system for efficient power generation.

Diesel Generator:

  • A 30-kilowatt diesel generator providing backup power when renewable sources are insufficient.

Critical and Non-Critical Loads:

  • The system caters to two critical loads (400 kW and 80 kW) and a non-critical load of 500 kW.

Simulation Components:

Control Logic:

  • Various control mechanisms, including MPPT for the PV system, speed regulation for the wind turbine, and governor/excitation control for the diesel generator.

Measurement and Visualization:

  • Utilizing MATLAB scopes to measure and visualize grid power, solar power, wind power, and diesel power.

Simulation Results:

Power Output:

  • The simulation demonstrates the power output of each energy source, including solar power (around 40.5 kW), wind power (1.5 MW), and diesel power (25 kW).

Buses Measurement:

  • Bus voltage and current measurements are showcased for different system components, providing insights into the electrical characteristics at various points.

Load Power Consumption:

  • The power consumption of critical and non-critical loads is visualized in kilowatts.


This simulation highlights the dynamic behavior of a hybrid system, effectively managing power generation from solar, wind, and backup diesel sources. The integration of control logic ensures a smooth transition between energy sources based on availability and demand.

Final Thoughts:

Experimenting with different parameters and scenarios in this simulation can offer a deeper understanding of hybrid systems. Don't forget to subscribe to our channel for more enlightening tutorials.

Thank you for joining us in exploring the Hybrid Solar PV, Wind, and Diesel Generator System simulation. Subscribe, hit the bell icon, and stay tuned for upcoming videos. Farewell!

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