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Hybrid PV Wind Diesel Generator Grid System

Hybrid PV Wind Diesel Generator Grid System


In response to escalating energy demands and environmental concerns, hybrid solar PV-wind-diesel generator systems offer a versatile solution. This simulation model in MATLAB demonstrates the integration of renewable and conventional energy sources, showcasing their potential to achieve sustainable and reliable power generation.

System Configuration:

The hybrid system comprises:

  • Solar PV Panel Array with Inverter

  • Wind Turbine with Permanent Magnet Generator (PMNG)

  • Diesel Generator

  • Main Grid Connection

System Components:

  1. Main Grid: Rated at 154 megawatts with a voltage rating of 34.5 kilovolts, connected to a Step Down Transformer to reduce voltage to 400 kilovolts.

  2. Hybrid System:

  • Solar PV System: Consists of a 41-kilowatt PV array connected to a grid inverter with MPPT control. It generates power based on solar irradiation levels.

  • Wind Turbine: Utilizes a PMNG to convert wind energy into electrical power. Control logic includes speed regulation and feedforward decoupling control.

  • Diesel Generator: Rated at 30 kilowatts, provides backup power when renewable sources are insufficient.

  1. Load Distribution:

  • Critical Load 1: 400 kilowatts

  • Critical Load 2: 80 kilowatts

  • Non-Critical Load: 500 kilowatts

Simulation Results:

  • The simulation model tracks power generation from various sources, including solar, wind, and diesel.

  • Power flow between the hybrid system, main grid, and loads is monitored and analyzed.

  • Voltage and current profiles at different system components are observed, ensuring stable operation.

Key Observations:

  • Solar PV power output varies with solar irradiation levels, while wind turbine power output fluctuates with wind speed.

  • The diesel generator provides backup power when renewable sources are insufficient to meet load demand.

  • Power exchange with the main grid occurs to balance supply and demand, ensuring uninterrupted power supply to critical loads.


The MATLAB simulation model effectively demonstrates the operation of a hybrid solar PV-wind-diesel generator system. By analyzing simulation results, insights into system behavior and performance under different operating conditions can be gained, aiding in system design and optimization.

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