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Implementation of Grid-connected Solar PV System in MATLAB Simulink

This video explains about Implementation of Grid-connected Solar PV System in MATLAB Simulink.

At present, photovoltaic (PV) systems are taking a leading role as a solar-based renewable energy source (RES) because of their unique advantages. This trend is being increased especially in grid-connected applications because of the many benefits of using RESs in distributed generation (DG) systems. This new scenario imposes the requirement for an effective evaluation tool of grid-connected PV systems so as to predict accurately their dynamic performance under different operating conditions in order to make a comprehensive decision on the feasibility of incorporating this technology into the electric utility grid. This implies not only to identify the characteristics curves of PV modules or arrays, but also the dynamic behaviour of the electronic power conditioning system (PCS) for connecting to the utility grid. To this aim, this work discusses the full detailed modelling and the control design of a three-phase grid-connected photovoltaic generator (PVG). The PV array model allows predicting with high precision the I-V and P-V curves of the PV panels/arrays. Moreover, the control scheme is presented with capabilities of simultaneously and independently regulating both active and reactive power exchange with the electric grid. The modelling and control of the three-phase grid-connected PVG are implemented in the MATLAB/Simulink environment.


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