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Implementation of MPPT solar charger controller in MATLAB Simulink

This video explains about the implementation of MPPT solar PV charger controller in MATLAB Simulink.

The solar PV array electrical output is manipulated using DC-DC Buck converter with maximum power point tracking with charger controllers. Input for the MPPT controllers is the voltage of the solar PV panel, current of the solar PV panel, irradiance level of sunlight energy and temperature of the environment. The output of the MPPT controller is duty cycle. The charger controller receives the two inputs i.e., state of charge of the battery and voltage across the battery and output from the charger controller multiplied with an output of the MPPT control and processed via PWM generator to control the Buck DC-DC converter to extract maximum power from solar PV panel and charge the battery effectively. The output of the DC-DC buck converter is fed to battery stack arrangement for charging of batteries.


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