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MATLAB Implementation of Incremental Conductance MPPT for Solar PV System (PART 2)

MATLAB Implementation of Incremental Conductance based MPPT ======================================================

The incremental conductance method is based upon the fact that the power would be maximum with the condition that it's differential with respect to voltage equals to zero. On the P-V characteristic curve, the differential of power with respect to voltage is zero, positive or negative on the peak of the curve i.e. at MPP, on the left to MPP and on the right to MPP respectively. The following description of this method gives the mechanism of operation. The maximum powerpoint yields the following situation At MPP, dP/dV equal to 0 Solving the above equation, the following situation persists for MPP and other two point, dI/dV equal to -I/V at MPP dI/dV greater than -I/V on LHS dI/dV lesser than -I/V on RHS

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