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MATLAB Simulation of Photovoltaic battery charger based on the Zeta converter

In this work, a complete analysis of the Zeta converter applied as a photovoltaic battery charger is carried out. The design methodology of the solar battery charger system, including the power circuit main devices and system controllers, are presented in detail. The solar battery charger includes a Constant Voltage (CV) charging method with an inherent Perturb and Observe (P&O) maximum power point tracking algorithm. This way, the battery pack is properly charged as well as the maximum power is harvest from the solar module. PV Panel: 2000 watts, 123.6 V, 16.18 A (Standard test condition) Battery: Lead-acid battery 48 V, 200Ah MPPT: P&O Charging: Constant Voltage Efficiency: 97.1 % MATLAB: 2017b Version

You can download the model at the following link : click

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