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Power Quality Improvement in Power System using Harmonic Filter


Power Quality Improvement in Power System using Harmonic Filter ======================================================

With the development in the power electronic field, the use of non-linear electronic devices become popular. The main development can be seen in the industrial and commercial sectors in terms of low power consumption and more controllable process and management. But with these advantages, causes the introduction of harmonics in the system. That’s why; this Video focuses on the general system having harmonics due to non-linear loads and uses a Tuned filter with an Isolation transformer as the Hybrid solution. This work presents a simulation model with the different types of Tuned filters for mitigation of harmonics introduced in the system due to the presence of Non-linear load and also, a comparison is done in between various types of the tuned filter as a harmonic mitigation technique. The use of non-linear loads increases with an increase in the technology level. It injects the harmonic contents into the system. Thus, these injected harmonics can affect another connected system, that’s why they should be eliminated or reduced at least up to permissible limits.


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