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Three Phase grid connected PV wind system | PV wind

Three Phase grid connected PV wind system | PV wind


Welcome, viewers, to LMS Solutions! In today's discussion, we will delve into the intricacies of a three-phase connected PV wind system or, more specifically, a three-phase hybrid PV wind system. We have developed a Simulink model to illustrate the operation of this system

System Components:

  1. Main Grid:

  • Rating: 154 megawatts

  • Voltage: 34.5 kilovolts

  1. Step-Down Transformer:

  • Converts voltage from 34.5 kilovolts to 400 volts

  1. Loads:

  • Load 1: 12.5 kilowatts

  • Load 2: 17.5 kilowatts

  • Operate at 400 volts line-to-line, 50 hertz

  1. Solar PV System:

  • Solar Panel Rating: 45 kilowatts

  • Grid-Side Voltage: 400 volts, 50 hertz

  • Includes a PV panel connected to a grid inverter via a DC link

PV System Control:

  • Uses a Proportional-Integral (PI) controller for the inverter.

  • Implements Perturb and Observe (P&O) Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) algorithm for optimizing PV power generation.

Wind Energy System:

  1. Doubly Fed Induction Generator (DFIG):

  • Rotor side connected to the grid via a converter

  • Two-stage conversion (AC to DC and DC to AC) for synchronization

  • Control using DQ control concept for both rotor and grid sides

Simulation and Analysis:

  • The simulation involves varying irradiation conditions and wind speeds to observe system responses.

  • Displays show the power variations in the grid, solar PV, wind, and AC load.

  • Monitoring of grid-side voltage and current, PV system parameters, wind energy conversion system parameters, and load parameters.

Simulation Results:

  1. PV Power Variation:

  • Reduction due to a change in irradiation from 1000 to 800 watts per meter square.

  1. Wind Power Variation:

  • Power reduction due to a decrease in wind speed from 12 to 9 meters per second.

  1. Grid Power:

  • Reflects the interaction of solar and wind systems with the main grid.

Conclusion: This Simulink model effectively demonstrates the dynamic behavior of a three-phase hybrid PV wind system under varying conditions. The integration of solar and wind sources with the main grid showcases the complex interplay between renewable energy systems and conventional power grids.

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