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Economic Load Dispatch Using Sparrow Search Optimization In MATLAB

Economic Load Dispatch Using Sparrow Search Optimization In MATLAB

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In MATLAB, Economic Load Dispatch (ELD) optimization using Sparrow Search Optimization (SSO) involves leveraging a metaheuristic algorithm inspired by the foraging behavior of sparrows. To implement ELD with SSO, engineers formulate the optimization problem aiming to minimize total generation costs while meeting power demand and adhering to system constraints, such as generator limits and power balance. MATLAB provides tools to define objective functions representing the total generation cost and constraints. The SSO algorithm iteratively updates the positions of sparrows in the search space to converge towards the optimal solution. By fine-tuning SSO parameters and integrating practical considerations like transmission constraints and ramp rate limits, engineers can devise efficient and cost-effective power dispatch strategies for diverse power systems. MATLAB's optimization capabilities and SSO implementation offer a robust framework for addressing ELD challenges and enhancing the economic operation of power grids.

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