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Fuzzy Tuned PI Speed control of BLDC motor in MATLAB

Fuzzy Tuned PI Speed control of BLDC motor in MATLAB

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The Fuzzy Tuned Proportional-Integral (PI) Speed Control of a Brushless DC (BLDC) Motor in MATLAB involves developing a control system that utilizes both fuzzy logic and PI control techniques to regulate the speed of the motor.

In this simulation, engineers integrate a BLDC motor model with a fuzzy logic controller that dynamically adjusts the PI controller's parameters based on the error between the desired and actual motor speeds. The fuzzy logic system evaluates linguistic variables like "fast," "medium," and "slow" to determine the appropriate PI gains for the specific operating conditions.

By simulating the system in MATLAB, engineers can fine-tune the fuzzy logic rules and membership functions to optimize the motor's speed control performance across a range of operating conditions and load variations.

This approach facilitates the design of robust and adaptive speed control systems for BLDC motors, improving efficiency, responsiveness, and overall performance in various applications such as robotics, electric vehicles, and industrial automation.

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