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Grid Connected PV system with Zeta Converter in MATLAB

Grid Connected PV system with Zeta Converter in MATLAB

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A grid-connected photovoltaic (PV) system with a Zeta converter implemented in MATLAB is a simulation model used to analyze the behavior and performance of PV systems interfaced with the electrical grid through a Zeta converter. The Zeta converter serves as an interface between the PV array and the grid, regulating voltage and current to ensure efficient power transfer. Using MATLAB, engineers and researchers can simulate various operational scenarios, including changes in solar irradiance, temperature fluctuations, and grid voltage variations, to assess the system's efficiency, stability, and grid integration capabilities. Furthermore, the simulation enables the optimization of control strategies, converter parameters, and grid interaction mechanisms to enhance the overall performance and reliability of grid-connected PV systems with Zeta converters, thereby maximizing energy harvest and grid compatibility.

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