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MATLAB - Optic Disc Detection in Retinal Fundus Image by BAT Algorithm

MATLAB - Optic Disc Detection in Retinal Fundus Image by BAT Algorithm

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Normally, the optic disc detection of retinal images is useful during the treatment of glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy. In this work, the novel preprocessing of a retinal image with a bat algorithm (BA) optimization is proposed to detect the optic disc of the retinal image. As the optic disk is a bright area and the vessels that emerge from it are dark, these facts lead to the selected segments being regions with a great diversity of intensity, which does not usually happen in pathological regions. First, in the preprocessing stage, the image is fully converted into a gray image using a grayscale conversion, and then morphological operations are implemented in order to remove dark elements such as blood vessels, from the images. In the next stage, a bat algorithm (BA) is used to find the optimum threshold value for the optic disc location. In order to improve the accuracy and to obtain the best result for the segmented optic disc, the ellipse fitting approach was used in the last stage to enhance and smooth the segmented optic disc boundary region. The ellipse fitting is carried out using the least square distance approach. The optic disc segmentation average overlaps and accuracy was in the range of 78.5–88.2% and 96.6–99.91% . The optic disk of the retinal images was segmented in less than 2.1 s per image. The use of the proposed method improved the optic disc segmentation results for healthy and pathological retinal images in a low computation time.

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