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MATLAB Simulation of 15 kW OFF grid PV battery System

MATLAB Simulation of 15 kW OFF grid PV battery System

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In MATLAB, simulating a 15 kW off-grid photovoltaic (PV) battery system involves modeling the components of the system and simulating their interactions to assess performance under various conditions. The key components typically include PV panels, a charge controller, batteries, an inverter, and loads. First, the characteristics of the PV panels, such as their efficiency, maximum power point voltage, and current, need to be modeled. Then, the charge controller is designed to regulate the charging of the batteries based on the PV output and load demand. The batteries are modeled to account for their capacity, charge-discharge efficiency, and aging effects. The inverter converts the DC power from the batteries into AC power suitable for powering the loads. MATLAB offers tools like Simulink for modeling and simulating the dynamic behavior of each component and their interactions in the system. By running simulations with varying weather conditions, load profiles, and battery states of charge, engineers can evaluate the system's performance, optimize its design parameters, and assess its reliability for off-grid applications.

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