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MATLAB Simulation of Dual Buck Boost based PV grid system

MATLAB Simulation of Dual Buck Boost based PV grid system

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In MATLAB, simulating a Dual Buck Boost-based PV grid system involves creating a comprehensive model that integrates photovoltaic (PV) panels, buck-boost converters, and grid-tied inverters to efficiently manage power flow between the PV array and the grid. The dual buck-boost converters serve to optimize power conversion and voltage regulation, allowing the system to adapt to varying solar irradiance levels and grid voltage conditions. MATLAB provides tools for modeling the electrical characteristics of PV modules, implementing control algorithms for the buck-boost converters, and simulating the grid-tied inverter's behavior under different operating conditions. Engineers can analyze system performance, assess efficiency, and evaluate stability aspects through MATLAB simulations, enabling them to refine control strategies, improve energy harvesting efficiency, and enhance grid integration capabilities of the PV system. This simulation platform enables the design, testing, and optimization of dual buck-boost-based PV grid systems, contributing to the advancement of renewable energy technologies and grid-connected power systems.

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