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MATLAB Simulation of PV array with Partial Shading Effect

MATLAB Simulation of PV array with Partial Shading Effect

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MATLAB simulation of a photovoltaic (PV) array with partial shading effect involves modeling the behavior of the PV modules under varying levels of shading conditions. The simulation typically includes defining the electrical characteristics of individual PV modules, such as their voltage-current (V-I) and power-voltage (P-V) curves, and incorporating environmental factors like solar irradiance and temperature. To simulate partial shading, the PV array is divided into multiple sections, with each section representing a subset of PV modules that may experience shading due to obstructions like buildings or trees. MATLAB's simulation environment allows for the dynamic adjustment of irradiance levels across different sections of the PV array to mimic partial shading scenarios. Special attention is given to shadow patterns and their effects on the PV module output, including the occurrence of multiple local maximum power points (MPPs) and the risk of hot spots. The simulation results enable the analysis of the PV array's performance under partial shading conditions, helping to optimize system design, layout, and bypass diode configurations to mitigate power losses and ensure maximum energy harvest from the PV array.

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