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PV Powered EV Charging With Grid In MATLAB

PV Powered EV Charging With Grid In MATLAB

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In MATLAB, developing a model for PV (Photovoltaic) powered Electric Vehicle (EV) charging with grid integration involves creating a comprehensive simulation environment that incorporates PV panels, EV charging infrastructure, and grid connections. The model accounts for solar irradiance variations, battery state-of-charge, EV charging requirements, and grid conditions. MATLAB provides tools for designing the PV system, simulating energy generation from solar panels, modeling EV charging protocols, and managing power flow between the PV array, EV battery, and the grid. Engineers can analyze the impact of different charging strategies on energy consumption, grid stability, and cost-effectiveness. By optimizing control algorithms and charging schedules, MATLAB simulations enable the efficient utilization of renewable energy sources, minimize grid dependency, and promote sustainable transportation practices through PV-powered EV charging with grid integration.

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