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Solar PV Battery Powered Electric Vehicle in MATLAB

Solar PV Battery Powered Electric Vehicle in MATLAB

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A Solar PV Battery Powered Electric Vehicle simulated in MATLAB is a computational model designed to analyze the performance and behavior of an electric vehicle (EV) powered by a combination of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels and a battery system. This model integrates data on solar irradiance, vehicle dynamics, battery characteristics, and charging infrastructure to simulate the operation of the EV under various conditions. By utilizing MATLAB, engineers and researchers can evaluate the impact of factors such as weather conditions, driving patterns, battery degradation, and charging strategies on the overall efficiency and range of the solar PV battery-powered EV. Additionally, the simulation enables the optimization of charging schedules, energy management strategies, and vehicle-to-grid interactions to enhance the vehicle's sustainability, cost-effectiveness, and performance. This approach contributes to the development of more efficient and environmentally friendly transportation solutions that leverage renewable energy sources for sustainable mobility.

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