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Solar PV powered Shunt active Filter in MATLAB

Solar PV powered Shunt active Filter in MATLAB

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In MATLAB, developing a model for a solar PV-powered shunt active filter involves creating a comprehensive simulation environment that integrates photovoltaic (PV) panels, shunt active filters, and grid connections. The model accounts for variations in solar irradiance, grid voltage fluctuations, and harmonic distortion caused by nonlinear loads. MATLAB provides tools for designing the PV array, simulating solar energy generation, modeling the operation of shunt active filters, and implementing control strategies for harmonic mitigation. Engineers can analyze system performance, optimize control algorithms, and assess the effectiveness of the shunt active filter in mitigating grid disturbances and improving power quality. By simulating various scenarios and optimizing system parameters, MATLAB facilitates the development of efficient and reliable solar PV-powered shunt active filters, contributing to enhanced grid stability and reduced harmonic distortion.

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